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Case Studies

Customer Success Story

Four years of adult acne misery - solved in four weeks

Larae H. thought that her acne problems were over in high school. She was horrified when her acne returned in full force during menopause. She tried everything to fix the problem but nothing worked until she found the Monica Hall Spa Skincare Collection.

Larae is a Marketing and Public Relations consultant based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. For years, she struggled to bring the blemishes under control and had to rely on makeup to cover the acne before she could go out to meet clients.

Giving Up Hope

When unwelcome face acne arrived with a vengeance at age 49, Larae tried “everything and anything” to eliminate it.  No sooner would she get one blemish under control, another would pop up and then another.

She tried name brand products but “nothing worked like it said it would” and she resorted to consulting a dermatologist.  The prescription products didn’t work either.

After a four year battle, she had given up hope of finding anything that would work.


Making One Last Try

A friend recommended the Monica Hall Spa Skincare Collection.   Larae liked the idea of plant-based, aroma-therapeutic products.   She had been troubled using the chemical-laden over-the-counter products.  Even the prescription medication was a concern because it didn’t even identify the ingredients.  

Larae decided to make one last try and ordered the set of seven anti-aging skin care products online.

Testing the Skin Care Products

Larae started with the Cleansing Milk to remove makeup and impurities.  She loved the Milk’s texture and its rose and lavender aroma.

The Smoothing Texture Peel, Toning Infusion and the Organic Face Lift-Phyto Firming Masque then worked in combination to remove the outer layers of skin so that the moisturizers could reach the inner layers, explains Larae.

The Daytime Elixir was the key to moisturizing her skin, says Larae and Night Nectar continued the moisturizing while she slept. 

In contrast, other products she had tried seemed only to touch the surface layers and had no lasting effect.






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