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Balsam Peru Essential Oil


Balsam Peru

Botanical Name: 
Myroxylon pereirae

Aroma Benefits:
Sweet and smells lightly of cinnamon and vanilla, relieves tension and provides comfort.

Skin Benefits:
Has traditionally been used for skin diseases, eczema, rashes, and sensitive skin. Makes an excellent addition to skincare for its soothing and healing qualities. Because of its vanilla like scent, it is also prized as a fragrance ingredient in perfumes, lotions and creams.

It’s name came about because it is shipped from Peru. The tropical tree grows up to 75 feet tall with beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers. The tree produces a balsamic resin after about 5 years. The balsam is a dark brown semi amber resin, which is extracted from the tree similar to the way to maple syrup is extracted.


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