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Vanilla Essential Oil Co2

Botanical Name:tahitian-vanilla-beans.jpg
Vanilla planifolia

Aromatherapy Benefits:
Natural aphrodisiac
Euphoric effect on the brain
Heightens mental clarity
Soothes emotional tension
Reduces anxiety and stress
Impotency tonic for older men

Vanilla has been described as the world’s most labor-intensive crop. Of the spices it is second only to Saffron in price.
Genuine vanilla is up to 200 times more expensive that synthetically produced “vanillin”.

Vanilla has had a long history of adulteration. Over 95% of all Vanilla used as a fragrance or flavor is synthetic. Vanilla is a flavoring and scent derived from the Vanilla orchid, a vine-like plant that grows worldwide in tropical and subtropical regions. The fruit of the vanilla orchid is known as the “vanilla bean” but it is not a true bean. It is actually a seedpod.


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