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Lavender Essential Oil

“True”Lavender Essential Oillavender.jpg
Botanical name: Lavendula augustifolia

Aromatherapy Benefits: Calming, relaxing and balancing both physically and emotionally. Lavender has been used is to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, treat depression, respiratory conditions and sprains.

The beautiful flowers are steam distilled to obtain the soothing essential oil. Lavender essential oil is by far the most popular of all the essential oils it is surely the most versatile. Numerous health and aromatherapeutic applications of Lavender oil have been used for generations.

Lavender has a fresh, clean, herbaceous and slightly floral aroma and is named after the Latin name Lavare, which means “to wash” because the scent leave such a clean feeling.

There are many varieties of Lavender that can tolerate different temperatures and climates but “True” Lavender likes a rocky soil, prefers cooler weather and grows wild in France, Italy and parts of Spain. It also grows in cooler areas of the US.

Rene Gattefosse, the French chemist and known as “The Father of Aromatherapy”, first discovered the incredible therapeutic benefits of lavender essential oil when he severely burned himself in a laboratory explosion. He accidentally stuck his hand in a vat of lavender oil mistaking it for water and was amazed by the cooling effect, pain relief , rapid healing and no scarring. 


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