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Meet Monica

monica-hall0558x12-200x300.jpgMONICA HALL
Aromatherapist, Formulator, Innovator

As a young woman I became enamored with the glamor and beauty industry. I spent many years involved with luxury lines, esthetics, skincare and makeup. 

After having a family I immersed myself in the study of natural healing and alternative methods to deal with my children's very sensitive systems. I studied many modalities, such as herbalism, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. I was amazed that, armed with natural alternatives, there was rarely a need for antibiotics or doctor visits for common childhood illnesses.

As a result of my daughter's sensitive skin, I began experimenting with making natural body care in my kitchen. This led to the creation of  a nationally distributed brand sold in natural food stores and Whole Food chains.

After selling the company and now in my 40's, my interests moved toward wellness, nutrition, and longevity. I experimented with many types of skincare, which included, natural products, popular luxury brands, and esthetic skincare recommended by my esthetician. Some of them showed results at first, but then after a period of about thirty days, the results diminished.

This challenged me to think outside the box. Was it possible to formulate a high performance, all natural skincare product? I was empowered by my previous success with natural healing. Could this be done for the skin as well?

After a five-year quest I discovered an award winning "green chemist", who was working with dermatologists on innovative plant based formulas. Together we created the high performing anti-aging skincare line, for which I had been searching. We are delighted to bring you, Monica Hall Spa.

We are certified Vegan by Vegan Action, support the "Natural Association for Holistic Aromatherapy", and are current members of United Plantsavers, and the Organic Trade Association.



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